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Innovation & Quality

The Research and Development Team of KPI Healthcare is to brings more values to global customers and partners. With thorough market researches, R&D of KPI enriches the product line of KPI by adding innovative products of uncompromised quality that meet the standards & regulations of health authorities. R&D Team of KPI will continue to meet various challenges to add more innovational values.


KPI - Hearts® Technology

Hearts®, introduced in 2014, allows additional parameters to be noninvasively and continuously monitored. Advanced signal processing algorithms and unique adaptive filters work together to isolate, identify, and quantify various types of hemoglobin.

Connecting Devices and Data, Patients and Clinicians

Joining the expanding set of monitoring possibilities are redefined and extended connectivity and automation. SonoPACS™ gathers medical data from devices throughout the hospital and converting and transferring them to a central repository, the EMR, thus automating clinician access to a more complete picture of each patient. To those abilities, KPI Healthcare SonoTOUCH™ adds hospital-wide monitoring and remote clinician notification from a central server and customizable view stations. The wearable KPI Healthcare OPUS™ devices allows for the tetherless monitoring of mobile patients, communicating alarms wirelessly back to SonoTOUCH™.

Design & Development

- Holding Medical Device Design Patents

- 3D Rapid Industrial Prototyping & Manufacturing

- Industrial Design and Rendering

Quality Regulatory Affairs

- Direct communication with International Health Authorities

- Improving efficiency of registration process and regulatory approval


Proven Design and Development

Google Project ARA

Stand-alone glucose monitor design and development and other medical devices with various future medical platforms

From Google & CNET