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Digitalization & Globalization

Sales and Marketing, based on Digitalization and Globalization is one of the visions of KPI Healthcare. With Digitalization and Globalization, KPI Healthcare, provides proper product information to our global customers and partners with which they can make the right decision. Digitally and globally managing individual needs, KPI brings proper consultations and right solutions for them. KPI will continue to improve its system for better satisfaction for global customers & partners

Pioneer of Digital Marketing in Healthcare Industry

Globalized networks based on enterprise grade KPI websites

- Centralized control of KPI network websites on each continents (America, Asia, Europe and Africa)

- Established worldwide network pipelines for marketing and customer data

Artificial Intelligence integrated SEO*
Artificial Intelligence integrated SEO* capabilities maximizing product exposure at search engines and social media networks

SEO* Search Engine Optimization

CRM using Artificial Intelligence

Medical centralized CRM platform which integrates sales, marketing and customer datathrough KPI enterprise network

- Using Artificial Intelligence customized sorting and filtering procedure

- Minimizing and simplifying digital marketing procedures by data driven activities