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Are ultrasounds meant to replace mammograms?

How effective is a mammogram?

A mammogram is an exam of the breast that uses x-rays. It can evaluate, and detect changes in the breast. Modern mammography exists since the late 1960s, and over the years, it has played a significant role in the fight against breast cancer. However, signs of cancer are not being found sooner. “Screening mammography has been unable to identify those bad cancers, destined to become metastatic, at an earlier stage…” Dr. Barnett Kramer

Ultrasound technology can make a difference against breast cancer

Mammography is still considered the gold standard, but it can miss detecting cancer in around 10% of dense breast tissue, which approximately 40% of American women have. Recent advancements in ultrasound technology can “increase sensitivity in breast cancer detection by up to 55%” according to GE’s latest Automated Breast Ultrasound System technology

KPI has the tools to fight against breast cancer

This type of technology has been available for a few years. KPI offers ultrasound systems that support Automated Breast Ultrasound System technology (ABUS), also called Automated Breast Volume Scanner technology (ABVS):

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KPI Breast Cancer Awareness


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