FIME 2018

The annual Florida International Medical Expo (FIME) event is the largest medical trade fair across North, Central and South America that welcomes over 21,000 medical professionals and more than 1,200 industry leaders in the healthcare and medical ultrasound device industry with the latest technologies.

Orange County Convention Center – West Concourse

This year, KPI Healthcare was yet again another highly-regarded exhibitor at the FIME show along with industry giants and business partners such as SonoScape and Mindray.

KPI Healthcare Booth

SonoScape Booth

KPI was represented by some of its highly-trained ultrasound experts; Ryan Cossio, Director of Latin American Sales, Scott Hassler, Director of International Business Development, and Stanley Suh, Director of Product Market Management, to exhibit KPI’s healthcare solutions, establish new business contacts, and network with current clients and top medical experts in the medical healthcare industry to develop long-lasting business relationships and customer retention.

Scott Hassler, Ashley Tuncar (Social Media Marketing Specialist), and Ryan Cossio at the KPI Healthcare booth

Stanley Suh and Ryan Cossio with Ecuadorian FIME visitors

Located at booth BP35, KPI Healthcare showcased it’s top requested, best performing KPI ultrasound systems, in-vitro diagnostic machines, medical ultrasound devices, sanitation control, and health/beauty products.

Scott Hassler and FIME visitor with the SCARLET Micro-Needling Machine

Ryan Cossio reviewing the Philips CX50 with curious FIME visitors

The products demonstrated included highly-requested medical ultrasound machines such as the Philips CX50, GE Logiq S8, SonoScape E1, KPI Healthcare’s exclusive OPUS brand patient monitor lineup, CURO L5 blood and lipid monitoring system, Clover A1C Self Test Analyzer and the Scarlet SRF Micro Needling machine.

Philips CX50

GE Logiq S8

OPUS Patient Monitors on Display

The KPI Healthcare team worked effortlessly to consult with curious clients, network with international partners, provide free quotes to all medical professionals, and perform live demonstrations accordingly to clients’ requests for portable ultrasound machines, GE ultrasound machines, Philips HD ultrasound systems, cardiac ultrasound machines and many others.

Scott Hassler and Ryan Cossio speaking to potential clients

KPI Healthcare has no barriers when it comes to international business relations – many visitors and exhibitors from all around the world, such as Egypt, Ethiopia, Peru, Italy, Ecuador, Japan and more came to the booth to meet KPI experts face-to-face and learn more about the company’s mission, business model, and special medical product offers.

Antonio Scavelli from CISA Production SRL, Italy, has successfully networked alongside KPI Healthcare, Georgia in the past few years regarding sanitation control and ultrasound machine distribution.

Scott Hassler and Antonio Scavelli

“It is great to finally meet KPI Healthcare after producing fantastic business relations,” said Scavelli, “we’ve had great success together.”

Abel Zuloeta, General Manager and owner of ZZ Internacional SAC in Lima, Peru commented on the professionalism of our ultrasound experts and extensive lineup of medical ultrasound equipment KPI Healthcare had to offer.

“We are very drawn to KPI Healthcare’s wide variety of equipment,” said Zuloeta, “my partner and I are particularly impressed with your American-made patient monitors – they must be of great quality!” he exclaimed.

KPI Healthcare prides itself in being “The World’s Largest Provider of Diagnostic Ultrasound” through reliability in its innovative solutions and creativity to “Enhance Lifecare” for both medical professionals and patients worldwide.

Scott Hassler and Ryan Cossio (Left to Right)

Within a few days, hundreds of leads were successfully produced and KPI Healthcare accomplished it’s goals to wholly commit to their clients and business partners at FIME 2018. KPI is always ready to provide the best, quality service internationally to “Enhance Lifecare” to all those in the clinical work field.

KPI Healthcare will debut again at FIME 2019 from June 26 to 28 at the Miami Beach Convention Center, in Miami Beach, Florida.

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