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Thank you to all of our current and new clients we have networked with thus far at It was a pleasure meeting you all and networking toward a better business relationship. We'll see you next year! 👋
Don't miss out on our HOT summer sale on our TOP portable systems! This elite lineup consists of the and the - these ultrasound machines are equipped to exceed in multiple applications and imaging modes in all clinical settings. For full details click the link in our bio to get the best, guaranteed price from our ultrasound experts.

Working hard at met medical professionals from and many other countries who are heavily invested in working alongside After all, our goal is to be 🌐 Visit us at Booth BP35 for a FREE quote on all our medical equipment and experience our ultrasound systems LIVE! 😎  #enhancinglifecare
Stanley Suh and @ultrasound.ryan networking with our Ecuadorian clients at Our ultrasound and experts are happy to help international clients through innovation and creativity - we are across the globe for YOUR success! 🙌

Our vascular ultrasound pick of the week are the and the ultrasound systems. These ultrasound solutions are designed for fantastic image quality, increased workflow and vascular/cardiovascular application excellence. Though they are similar in features, they differ in specifications regarding specific imaging modes and types of compatible transducers. To see the detailed comparison, check out the link in our bio.
Day 1 of with our @ultrasound.ryan, Scott Hassler and Stanley Suh! Check out all the eager medical professionals waiting to learn more about and their fantastic products.
How does the stand out from other systems? The Vivid E9 is GE's first cardiovascular ultrasound machine built specifically for 4D imaging - from ergonomics to image acquisition to data management. Learn more by clicking the link in our bio!
extensive years of knowledge and expertise in professional products create long-term solutions in worldwide markets to create a successful future for you. Check out the link in our bio for more information!

4 more days until 😱#KPIHealthcare will provide its top ultrasound experts to help you learn about our newest medical equipment and products, experience live demonstrations and receive FREE special quotes! Stop by Stand BP35 to network with “The World’s Largest Provider of Ultrasound Diagnostic.” See you there soon!

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Hot Summer on one of the top 4D OB/GYN ultrasound machines! Up to 40% discount on system. This midrange innovative ultrasound solution has extraordinary 2D/3D/4D image quality, top-of-the-line volume imaging and easy-to-learn workflow tools to help busy practices maintain a high-quality standard while helping reduce time to conduct, analyze and report exams. The GE Voluson S6 ultrasound solution also has & many more features. Limited time Act NOW before it’s too late, click on the link in our bio to get our special deal price.

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We are excited to notify you all that we recently updated our inventory with new machines equipped with latest technologies. These ultrasound machines has also been added to our website for easy access. Some of these newly added ultrasounds include: and For full details on all recently added ultrasound machines, kindly click on the link in our bio!

Are you on the lookout for an system that revolutionizes your workflow? 🤔 The ultrasound machine enables you to deliver advanced functionality to your environment through producing rich, clear imaging, enhancing productivity with an intuitive interface, and utilizing expert tools for optimal ultrasound navigation. 🖥 Read more details about the GE Logiq E9 ultrasound system by clicking the link in our bio and get a FREE ultrasound quote by our ultrasound experts!

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KPI HEALTHCARE is dreaming big and imagining beyond healthcare. That is why our philosophy is ENHANCING LIFECARE. We want to create a healthier, happier and meaningful everyday life for everyone through meaningful innovation in healthcare technology. Because we believe that happiness is being healthy!

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