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OPIX TOPAZ – Mobile solutions

Digital Mobile Radiographic System

Integrating high technology and over a decade of experience in conventional and digital radiography systems, the OPIX TOPAZ is a state-of-the-art mobile digital radiography system, designed with maximum comfort for patients and users in mind. From its user-friendly software to smooth movements, the OPIX TOPAZ is made to improve your workflow and provide your with high-quality images.

OPIX TOPAZ – 32D / 40D

Digital Radiographic System

  • Excellent Digital imaging processing
  • USA-made portable flat panel detector (14” x 17” wireless)
  • On-board fully featured software / Remote control / Optimized work flow
  • Dicom 3.0 (PACS, EMR, HIS, RIS)
  • Unconditional dose management
  • Truly mobile with motorized wheel
  • Integrated Touch Screen Console
  • Ergonomic, compact design for productivity & efficiency
  • Innovative Rotary
    • Column rotation : 325 Collimator rotation : +120
    • Tube axis : -30~+90 / Transverse arm axis : +180
    • Excellent MTF(Monocular Transfer Function)
  • 400/500mA, 125kV X-ray generator
  • 0.6/1.2mm 150kHU X-ray Tube
  • In Stock and Local Service

Full Featured imaging software & Excellent Digital Image Processing

With a high performance built-in touchscreen, the OPIX TOPAZ offers a user-friendly interface and powerful software for easy operation and increased workflow. The anatomical view-based digital image processing automatically optimizes and enhances the quality of the images with automatic image storage and print with DICOM 3.0 networking capability, increasing exam throughput and decreasing examination time.

17" Touch screen display

  • Provides convenient user interface and easy operation
  • Radiographic stand and automatic collimator control function

14" x 17" x Digital flat panel detector

  • Anatomical view-based digital image processing
  • DICOM 3.0 networking interface features include: worklist, print, store and query for integration with any PACA and RIS

Innovative Rotary to Improve User Experience









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