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OPIX DR – Compact

Plug & Play / Smart Digital Radiographic System

The OPIX DR-Compact is a reliable, compact digital radiography system that conveniently satisfies detailed demands of urgent care centers, clinical offices, and small clinical sites. The OPIX DR-Compact is designed to provide the digital radiography solutions for small space without loosing the most updated technology and features for high-equality imaging and work efficiency. The OPIX DR-Compact helps clinicians make more valuable outputs with affordable investment. This unique and compact digital X-ray system fully reaches the needs of users with "Plug & Play" technology to reduce the cost and to increase the efficiency / the OPIX's smart AI generator technology to consistently perform with its long-lasting X-ray tube and USA-made Varex Flat Panel Detector of high quality.

OPIX DR – Compact

Plug & Play / Smart Digital Radiography System

  • Diagnostic confidence with Excellent Digital imaging processing
    • USA-made flat panel detector (14” x 17” wireless / 17” x 17” wired)
    • High DQE (Detective Quantum Efficiency)
    • Excellent MTF(Monocular Transfer Function)
  • On-board fully featured software
    • Easy interface and operation / optimized workflow
    • Over 1,300 pre-loaded exam profiles
    • Exceptional performance in complicated clinical requirements (1,280 programmable APR options)
    • Dicom 3.0 (PACS, EMR, HIS, RIS)Unique and innovative “Plug & Play” technology
  • Unique and innovative "Smart AI generator" technology
  • Unconditional dose management
    • Source to Image Distance (SID) / Auto Exposure Control (AEC)
    • Dose Area Products (DAP) / Anatomical programing (APR)
  • Easy and light handling with perfectly balanced architecture
    • Solid design for heavy duties
    • Highly configurable (tube stand, wall bucky stand, table and etc.) for any customer need; can fit in a room as small as 10’ x 10’
  • In Stock and Local Service

High Quality Flat Panel Detector – made in USA

The OPIX DR Systems are equipped with high-quality, USA-made Flat Panel Detectors with high Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE) and excellent Monocular Transfer Function (MTF). The lightweight 14”x 17” flat panel detector enables wireless communication and can be shared between table, above the table, chest stand, and on mobile cart applications. The wired 17” x 17” is our larger flat panel detector designed for general radiographic imaging.

  • Industry leading High-Quality panel (Made in USA)
  • Robust & durable design
  • Water & Dust Proof (IP51)
  • Simple and convenient installation
  • Adaptable with most existing analog X-ray systems
  • AED (Auto Exposure detection) function available

Workstation with Advanced Software

The OPIX DR Systems feature high-performance, imaging workstation and software that offers a convenient interface and easy operation for its users. Anatomical digital image processing automatically optimizes and enhances the quality of the captured images, while the automatic image storage and printing with DICOM 3.0 networking capability increases exam output and decreases examination time.

Digital Radiography Workstation
  • Brightness, contrast adjustment
  • Rotation / Horizontal and vertical flip
  • Zoom and pan / Left, right makers / Exposure index (EI)
  • Optimized work flow, Automatic shutters
  • Support DAP interface
Digital Radiography - Image Processing
  • Convenient user interface and easy operation
  • Anatomical digital image processing automatically optimizes and enhances the quality of the captured image
  • Radiographic stand and automatic collimator control function
  • DICOM 3.0 networking interface including Worklist, Print, Store, Query for integration with any PACS, EMR, HIS or RIS.
  • Intuitive graphic user interface
  • Over 1300 pre-loaded exam profiles with Generator
  • Configurable automatic study
  • Multiple printing formats

Smart AI technology Generator

The most up-to-date, integrated computing capacity AI technology generator that simultaneously allows huge volume calculation and communication for optimal performance. These unique and state-of-the-art functions of self-diagnosis and self-regulation continuously help optimize the image quality as the inputs and conditions of parameters change.

  • Easy parameter setting and firmware upgrade
  • Proactive monitoring via internet reduces service costs and prevents unscheduled downtime
  • Real time self-diagnosis and continuous quality management
  • High-energy, efficient design and output power accuracy assures stable dose reproducibility
  • Tube overloading and housing overheating protection
  • User-programmable anatomical programs with APR Utility

Tube Stand – Floor Ceiling Type

The floor ceiling tube stand is the most cost-efficient tube stand with thee optional tube heads depending on the availability of vertical, longitudinal, and lateral movement. The combination with TS-FC4 and WBS-TM can make the most cost efficient solution for Urgent Care Center with limited space occupation. Moreover, TS-FC6 can be an alternative and cost-efficient solution instead of the floor-mounted tube stand.

OPIX DR - Compact Tube Stand
  • Maximum vertical tube stoke: 62"
    (17"~80" from floor to focus).
  • Lateral tube stoke: 8.7"
    (Same as that of the floor-ceiling tube stand)
  • Tube rotational angle: ±135°

Wall Bucky Stand

The Wall Bucky Stand is a tilting image receptor, supporting vertical cassette stroke range from a minimum of 400 mm (15.7”)* to a maximum of 2,158 mm (85”) height*. The receptor is tiltable from -30 degrees to 90 degrees, so there is no need for a table - it can be comfortably positioned in various anatomical positions for skull, hands and spine.

  • Redefined ergonomic design allows better daily workflow and improves the user’s comfort
  • Counterbalanced receptors enhance smooth operation with effortless adjustments of tilting wall stands
  • Various receptor options – fixed, manual tilting, and automatic tilting

*The minimum and maximum ranges of vertical cassette stroke may vary depending on the options of wall bucky stands.

Wall Bucky Stand-a
Wall Bucky Stand-b
Wall Bucky Stand-c

Unconditional Dose Management

Dose-related information, such as source to image distance (SID), Auto Exposure Control (AEC) and X-ray dose (mGy) information, is fully transferred to the Dose Area Product (DAP) and saved to the main PC or connected PACS system for the user to optimize and manage dose in X-ray scanning. The APR (Anatomical Programming) and the optional AEC (Automatic Exposure Control) features provide the user to get controlled exposure factors, and automatically implement the ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) principle.

Unconditional Dose Management

Save Costs and Reduce Downtime

This unique, modularized OPIX DR Systems provides unprecedented advantages to hospitals and physicians alike due to the system’s ability to create a comprehensive report of systems, users, services and errors by the USB connection between PC and control console; the systems can be diagnosed remotely via internet. Overall, The OPIX DR Systems enable immediate and accurate diagnoses to save service costs and reduce system downtime. The OPIX DR Systems are fully modularized and reduces unnecessary time consumption during installation to immediately operate. Once installed, the systems are remotely cared for by the experienced experts. Integrated Remote Diagnosis Software continuously communicates and reports if there is any error or problem in the system. In the end, system downtime can be dramatically reduced.

Improve the use of your space

OPIX DR - Compact Improve Space

Clinical Excellence with Outstanding Image Quality









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