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OPIX, Digital Radiographic Systems

Plug & Play / Smart / Full Line-up

The OPIX DR X-Ray Systems are smart diagnostic digital radiography systems that provide reliable high quality digital radiographic images with a reduced dose. The OPIX DR X-Ray Systems offer comprehensive digital X-ray solutions to all radiography needs, featuring the OPUS ACQUIDR, a retrofit digital radiography upgrade with USA-made stationary or portable digital flat-panel detectors as well as reliable high-frequency X-ray generators that are known worldwide for their excellent performance, lifetime and stability. Various tubes with user-friendly designs, patient tables and wall stands are also offered at the user’s request. The OPIX DR X-Ray Systems are guaranteed to improve your workflow, exam throughput and efficiency with its excellent performance.

Innovative “Plug & Play” Radiography

  • Additional construction
    for electrical supply not required
  • Dedicated power outlet or electric line
    not required
  • Highly recommended for small business

Smart Radiography

  • Durable, AI-controlled smart generator
  • Streamlined workflow with highly intuitive interfaces
  • Various combinations of ergonomically designed X-Ray components to save money and time.
  • Low downtime with remote diagnoses capabilities and software troubleshooting.
  • AI and IT integration to X-Ray system significantly decreases the maintenance cost.

Constant Clarity for Advanced Patient Care

  • Delivers Superb Image Quality with Premium Digital Technology
  • Enhances patient care with exceptional dose efficiency

System and Service Parts

  • In-stock for immediate actions
  • Local customer service facility for immediate actions

Best Value vs. Economic Pricing

  • Flexible configurations for operations of any size
  • Highly customizable for budgets of any size








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