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KPI Rental Program
Use medical equipment that you need right now!

For healthcare professionals, having the right medical equipment and new technology on hand is one of the top critical
factors for success. While your work requires them, medical equipment can be very expensive and can burden current and
future financial operations. In order to make the right decision on time, a number of critical questions need to be asked and
answered to minimize risk. If you are unsure how to answer, consider the KPI RENTAL PROGRAM to provide solutions to all
of your questions.

Increase your financial flexibility and save cost

Test it in your working environment before you buy

Be equipped with the updated equipment & be competitive.

Use the system as you need.

Get Free maintenance and repair

Enjoy all of these with KPI rental Program.

Frequently asked questions

Am I dealing with the right partner for my rental?

KPI Healthcare has more than 25 years of experience and is one of the largest providers of medical equipment. With quality products at affordable pricing, KPI’s #1 goal is your satisfaction. KPI is a trusted source of medical equipment for medical professionals on a worldwide scale.

What is the minimum required rental period?

KPI prides itself in providing a flexible rental program customized to your requirements. Please contact us for your custom rental program.

What equipment is available?

All the products that are marked with RENT are eligible for KPI rental program. These includes ultrasounds from most of the brands available in the market and our GENORAY C-ARM.

What about the quality of the system?

All equipment under the KPI Rental Program is expertly chosen and maintained to ensure top quality with updated features and technology. Prior to delivery, our systems are thoroughly configured to the functional quality you need. All equipment under the KPI Rental Program is owned by us, which guarantees the well-being of your rental system.

What about the training to use the equipment?

We offer 2 hours of live, video training with our onsite application specialist and unlimited phone support for you to use the system to its full potential.

What happens if the system breaks down?

The KPI rental program comes with free maintenance and repair of manufacturer defects. A KPI rental specialist will be on-call to get your system running again as swiftly as possible.

What if I like the machine and want to purchase the equipment?

Whether you’re in the middle or end of your rental period, you can purchase the system. Your previous rental payments can be applied as part of your purchase payment at the rate agreed at the beginning of the rental.

What are the other costs?

The only cost will be your monthly rental fee for the period you use the system. Zero hidden fees!

What are the benefits of rental vs. purchasing again?

Increase your financial flexibility & save money

  • Only pay for the period you use your system
  • Eliminate the cost of ownership.
  • No depreciation and you’re able to deduct rental costs as expenses

Obligation-free testing in your practice

  • Find out if the system meets all your needs in your practice
  • Ensure your ROI before investing

Take advantage of having the most updated, competitive equipment

  • Switch systems depending on your needs
  • Increase opportunities and competitiveness to your practice
  • Provide better quality service to your patients with the most advanced features and technology

Use the system as you need

  • Avoid long-term commitment, get all the long-term benefits

Get free maintenance and repairs

  • Save thousands of dollars worth of equipment upkeep.

And much more !!!!









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