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Philips Lumify

Philips Lumify Ultrasound Machine

The Philips Lumify is the newest app-based ultrasound solution on your compatible smart device, such as Android based smart device, galaxy tab. The way to use the Philips Lumify is simple. A user downloads the Philips Lumify mobile app to the smart device, and connects the Philips Lumify probe connector to your compatible smart device. The Philips Lumify probe connector is more unique than any conventional ultrasound probe connector, micro USB type. So you don’t need to have a dedicated system to operate your handheld ultrasound.

The Philips Lumify supports three transducer types – Convex(C5-2), Linear(L12-4), and Phased Array(S4-1). The applications of the Philips Lumify are extended: cardiac, abdominal with lung, Ob/GYn, FAST exam, soft tissue, musculoskeletal, lung, and vascular scanning. With its mobility and flexibility, the Philips Lumify can bring wide mobile ultrasound capacity in your various clinical environments as a personalized point-of-care solution. The Philips Lumify mobile ultrasound enables you to quickly send and share images, notes, and diagnostic data via e-mail, DICOM to PACS, a shared network, or a local directory.

The Philips Lumify is a mobile app based ultrasound solution; nevertheless, it does not miss high image optimization technology such as SonoCT real-time compounding imaging, Tissue Harmonic Imaging, XRES, adaptive imaging processing, and AutoSCAN intelligent optimization, which are core Philips imaging technologies. Available imaging modes of the Philips Lumify include 2D mode, M-mode, and Color Doppler mode. Pulsed wave Doppler is not supported. With its intuitive interface of a smart device and UI design of the mobile app, the Philips Lumify reduces the learning curve of novice users.

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Philips Lumify Review:

Since the Siemens Acuson P10 was introduced a decade ago, many handheld ultrasound devices, for example, the GE Vscan, has been marketed and adapted to clinical environments especially to improve point-of-care applications. Recently, many Chinese manufacturers have been selling wireless mobile app based ultrasound solutions too. However, the image quality is not good enough to meet clinicians’ standards; furthermore, the user interface and connectivity to adapt to clinical requirements are not as elaborate.

Although portable devices are targeting point-of-care and quick diagnosis, expecting high image quality from a clinician’s point of view is not something compromised. Among those handheld ultrasound devices, the Philips Lumify is the most advanced in terms of its image quality, wide utility, technology expertise, and clinical connectivity. Overall 2D resolution and penetration is outstanding compared to any wired or wireless handheld devices. Linear 2D images for small parts and MSK are well described in its margin and tissue expression is up to 4~5 Cm. The Philips Lumify performs well in cardiac, especially showing dark chamber, endocardial margin, and thin valves. Color Doppler for slow and fast flow was sensitive and well optimized, except dedicated cardiac flow scanning, which is difficult to provide good quality images with mid to low end cart based ultrasound system.

The Philips Lumify integrated most advanced probe and miniaturization technologies, but its price point, about $10,000 with one transducer and mobile app package is a bit high. If a customer wants to have three transducers at the same time, its price point is almost the same as a mid-range cart based ultrasound system. Recently, a new company, Butterfly iQ, located in Guiford, CT, USA, totally innovated transducer technology and introduced Butterfly iQ; that one transducer covers the Philips Lumify’s three probes applications with less than $5,000. The Butterfly iQ is not yet active on the market, but soon it will be commercialized. The Butterfuly iQ seems to be a market changer due to its price point and performance level. If then, the Philips Lumify should change its marketing concept and lower their price.



Philips Lumify Probes/Transducers:

C5-2 curved array
• Weight: 135g / 4.8 oz (without cable)
• 128 elements
• 2 to 5 MHz extended operating frequency range
• 67.5 degree field of view
• Supports 2D, color Doppler, and Tissue Harmonic Imaging
• Lightweight replaceable USB cable
L12-4 linear array
• Weight: 108g / 3.8 oz (without cable)
• 128 elements
• 4 to 12 MHz extended operating frequency range
• 34.5mm field of view
• Supports 2D, color Doppler, and Tissue Harmonic Imaging
• Lightweight replaceable USB cable
S4-1 sector/phased array
• Weight: 96g / 3.4 oz (without cable)
• 64 elements
• 1 to 4 MHz extended operating frequency range
• 90 degree field of view
• Supports 2D, color Doppler, and Tissue Harmonic Imaging
• Lightweight replaceable USB cable



Philips Lumify Features:

• SonoCT – real-time coumpound imaging
• Tissue Harmonic Imaging
• XRES adaptive imaging processing
• AutoSCAN intelligent optimization
• Full-screen mode
• Multi-touch user inferface
• Alphanumeric QWERTY soft keyboard with Android voice recognition
• 2D, M, and color Doppler modes
• 2D image controls: depth, freeze, gain, and power
• Color Dppler controls: angle, scale (fast/slow flow), gain
• Depth to 30 cm (exam – specific)
• Image acquisition keys: review, save image, and save loop
• Annotation controls: text and erase



Philips Lumify Peripheral Options:


• Patient data storage on device
• Configurable barcode reader software utilizing device camera
• DICOM modality worklist (query retrieve)
• Direct digital storage of single-frame color and B/W images to internal hard disk
• Direct digital storage of B/W and color loops to internal hard disk
• Ability to export in PC format (MP4 clips, PNG images) via email or direct connection to PC
• Extensive image management capability, including thumbnail image review
• Exam directory
• DICOM image store
• Export to network share drive
• User may email patient exams
• Option to configure patient data in the DICOM header and images (not DICOM tags), as well as anonymize PC format images for exported images and loops
• Use Google Cast to mirror device screen to secondary display



Philips Lumify Applications:

• Abdominal
• Gynecology
• Obstetrics
• Cardiac
• Vascular
• Musculoskeletal
• Superficial
• Vascular
• Soft tissue



Philips Lumify FAQs:

SonoCT (Real-time compound imaging) helps eliminate virtually all clutter and artifacts. It automatically selects the number of steering angles (up to 9) based on the condition of the user-selected resolution/frame rate (Res/Speed) of all curved and linear array transducers. It operates in conjunction with Tissue Harmonic Imaging, XRES imaging, volume modes, and duplex Doppler.

AutoSCAN continuously optimizes the brightness of the image at the default gain and TGC settings for the best image display. It can be turned on and off.

Tissue Harmonic Imaging with pulse inversion technology is the system that processes second harmonic frequencies in the tissue. It also incorporates with the patented pulse inversion phase cancellation technology for high detail resolution during the harmonic imaging.


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Philips Lumify Ultrasound Machine
Philips Lumify

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