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Siemens Acuson NX2 Ultrasound Machine

The Siemens ACUSON NX2 is an affordable, multi-purpose ultrasound machine designed for Cardiac, Fetal, Abdominal (including liver), Pediatric, Small Parts (Small Organ), Transcranial, OB/GYN, Pelvic, Urology, Vascular (including Peripheral Vessel), and Musculoskeletal applications.

Compared to the NX3, the NX2 is lightweight and compact with a similar system architecture. As with the Siemens ACUSON NX series, it integrates the same wide 21.5” LCD monitor, but lacks a touch screen. There’s not limit to what the NX2 can cover in terms of applications, but because it supports fewer transducers and clinical features than its big brother, the NX3, the depth of its exams is limited.

Due to its target market, its grade, and considering its price point and performance, the Siemens ACUSON NX2 supports 7 fundamental transducers, but lacks any advanced transducer options. Additionally, it features two cost-efficient transducers: the C5-2v convex and L10-5v linear probes. All other transducers are compatible with the ACUSON NX3 series.

While the Siemens ACUSON NX2 supports fewer options than the ACUSON NX3 series, it features syngo Auto OB Measurement and 3D/4D for OB/GYN, Clarify Vascular Enhancement (VE) Technology, syngo Arterial Health Package (AHP), and syngo Auto Left Heart (Auto LH) for cardiovascular applications. With the battery-operated “QuickStart” feature, and the barcode reader options added to the mix, the NX2 becomes a very user-friendly ultrasound machine ready to enhance your ultrasound workflow.

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Siemens Acuson NX2 Specials
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Siemens ACUSON NX2 Dimensions and Weight:

• Height: 143.1 cm (56.3 in)
• Width: 53.2 cm (20.9 in)
• Depth: 86.2 cm (33.9 in)
• Weight: 62 kg (137 lbs) without OEM’s


Simens ACUSON NX2 Specifications:

• 64 TX channels
• Maximum display depth: 30 cm
• Minimum display depth: 1 cm


Simens ACUSON NX2 Electrical power:

• Power connections: 100-120/200-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
• Built-in AC isolation transformer
• Power consumption: maximum 600 VA with OEM’s
• Atmospheric pressure range: 700 – 1060 hPa (525 – 795 mm Hg) or up to 3000 m (9,483 ft)
• Ambient temperature range (without OEM’s): 10 – 40° C (50 – 104° F)
• Humidity: 30 – 80%, non-condensing, during operation
• Maximum heat output: 2150 BTU/hr
• Average noise level output: 46 – 47 dB



Similar to the NX3 series, the Siemens ACUSON NX2 uses a 64-channel system architecture. It is a compact system that focuses on producing a better fundamental image quality. Although its probe options are limited, the transducers have proven to be reliable and of good quality. Because it was designed with the low-end price market in mind, the NX2 offers a pair of cost-efficient transducers that can provide simplicity on a budget: the C5-2v convex and L10-5v linear probes.


Although the Siemens ACUSON NX2 looks simple and compact, it integrates Siemens’ legacy technologies and features, which are designed to improve customer workflow. Some of these features are Programmable preset keys, QuickStart, a Barcode reader, and real-time service support (Siemens Remote Service). Dynamic TCE and Advanced SieClear Spatial Compounding, some of Siemens’ core image enhancement technologies, have also been included to increase competitiveness at this price point, and to compliment budgets. Customers can keep their investment low, and still add ultrasound to their setup by using the system for routine exams instead of using automated functions. Equipped with just a pair of probes, this system is ideal to outfit an entire ultrasound lab without needing to repeatedly invest on additional transducers.


Compared to GE and Samsung ultrasound scanners, the Siemens ACUSON NX2 is not as strong in OB/GYN. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for premium features and automation at a low-end price point, this system does not fit that bill. Having said that, the NX2 faithfully focuses on being a clinically acceptable system in many environments. The ACUSON series is historically known for the advantages it has provided among cardiovascular physicians notably its reliable measurement sets and knowledge-based automation functions.


Though the Siemens ACUSON NX2 provides functions such as syngo Arterial Health Package (AHP), syngo Auto Left Heart (Auto LH), and Stress Echo, it is more fit to be used for General Imaging and Obstetrics applications. The strength of the NX2 is its cost-efficiency, but the lack of articulated arm option (it only tilts and swivels), and the fixed control panel can seem inconvenient and may cause user fatigue. With the next system release, we expect a new and wider selection of transducer frequencies to strengthen the fundamental image quality of core transducers.



Siemens ACUSON NX2 Probes/Transducers:

Convex Probe


Linear Probe


Phased Array Probe


Endocavity Probe


4D Volume Probe



Siemens ACUSON NX2 Features:

• High resolution 21.5″ wide LED monitor
• 3 active probe ports (4th optional ports)
• ECG port
• Integrated HDD 500GB
• Multiple USB ports (front/back)
• Integrated DVD-R multi drive (optional )
• On-board storage for B/W thermal printer
• Integrated speakers
• Integrated locking mechanism that provides rolling lock and caster swivel lock
• Front handle
• Hand rest
• Advanced SieClear Spatial Compounding
• Dynamic TCE technology
• Tissue Harmonic Imaging
• Continuous wave Doppler
• Pulsed wave Doppler



Siemens ACUSON NX2 Peripheral Options:

• Sony Digital UP-D711 Termal Printer
• Sony Digital UP-D25 Color Thermal Printer
• Sony Digital UP-D898 BW Thermal Printer
• Mitsubishi P95DW Thermal Printer
• Ethernet – 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps
• 6 USB 2.0 ports (2 USB ports in front, 4 USB ports in the rear)
• Integrated gel holders
• ECG + AHA/IEC® Cables
• USB type dual-control, programmable foot switch


Simens ACUSON NX2 Supplies:

• Aquasonic ultrasound gel
• Sono ultrasound wipes
• Sony UPP-110HG thermal printing paper
• Sony UPC-21L color thermal printing pack
• Mitsubishi KP95HG thermal roll paper (new)
• Mitsubishi KP65HM-CE High density thermal paper


Simens ACUSON NX2 ports:

• DVI in/out
• VGA out and DVI out
• Ethernet – 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps
• 6 USB 2.0 ports (2 USB ports in front, 4 USB ports in the rear)


Simens ACUSON NX2 image storage:

• 300 GB of the 500 GB internal hard drive reserved for patient data management
• Storage and retrieval of static images
• Storage and retrieval of cine clips

– Retrospective clip capture during real-time imaging with a selectable duration of 1, 2, or 4 seconds or a selectable duration of 1, 2, 3 or 4 beat capture; ECG-triggerable

– Prospective clip capture during real-time imaging with a selectable duration of 1 to 120 seconds or a selectable duration of 1 to 120 beat capture; ECG-triggerable

• Export of patient studies from hard drive
• Storage and retrieval of reports
• Supports measurements and calculations on archived study and on saved and retrieved images
• Acoustic clip capture from cine review
• M-mode still frame scroll and store
• PW spectral Doppler still frame scroll and store
• Export of patient studies from hard drive to DVD-R/RW and CD-R/RW drive. Studies can be individually selected or batched copied
• The system supports the following data export file formats RTF, PDF, TIFF, AVI, JPG and DICOM. Connectivity to PACS, other off-line storage (such as USB flash drive) or EMR device is achieved via LAN or WLAN connection.
• Compatible with removable 650 MB, 700 MB and 790 MB CD-R and 650 MB or 700 MB CD-RW
• Removable 4.7 GB single layer DVD and 8.5 GB single side double layer DVD
• Supports export to USB Flash Drive



Siemens ACUSON NX2 Options:

• Spectral and Color Doppler Tissue Imaging (DTI)
• QuikStart
• Clarify Vascular Enhancement (VE) Technology
• SieScape Panoramic Imaging
• 3D/4D
• HD Zoom
• Physio
• syngo Auto OB Measurements
• Stress Echo Imaging
• syngo Arterial Health Package (AHP)
• syngo Auto Left Heart (Auto LH) Technology
• Barcode Reader
• DICOM 3.0 Connectivity
• DICOM Modality Worklist
• DICOM MPPS – Modality Performed Procedure Step
• DICOM Structured Reporting
• Wireless Data Transfer



Siemens ACUSON NX2 Applications:

• Abdominal
• Renal
• Obstetrics
• Gynecology
• Early Obstetrics
• Adult Cardiac (Transthoracic)
• Vascular (C-Vas, P-Vas, Venous)
• Small Parts (Breast, Testicle, Thyroid)
• Orthopedics
• Musculoskeletal (MSK)
• Urology (Prostate)
• Cranial (TCI & TCD)
• Emergency Medicine (EM)



Siemens ACUSON NX2 FAQs:

Advanced SieClear Spatial Compounding: The option uses up to 7 steering angles on the linear transducer, and 5 steering angles are available on the curved array transducers. This helps increase the contrast in resolution while improving tissue differentiation of low contrast lesions by reducing image speckle. Tissue boundaries and interfaces appear sharper and more continuous. This option supports all primary and secondary exam types.


Clarify Vascular Enhancement (VE): Utilizes the power Doppler flow of information to enhance B-mode imaging and to reduce the slice thickness artifact in 2D, while also reducing noise within the vascular structures. This also enhances the delineation of vessel walls while also giving better contrast resolution.


Dynamic TCE Technology: This post-processing method is available on all image transducers, and eliminates speckle noise and enhances border definition. The option is available to set low, medium, and high.


QuickStart: The option reduces the time required for both power-up and power-down events by allowing the system to enter a specialized standby mode. Standby mode power-down in 10 sec; complete boot-up in less than 10 sec. Standby time > 35min.


syngo Auto OB Measurements: The algorithm provides the ability to semi auto-measure six major fetal structures required for biometric measurements: CRL, BPD, HL, HC, AC, and FL.


syngo Arterial Health Package (AHP): This is a non-invasive assessment method that evaluates cardiovascular risks, and also contains a semi-automated intima-medical thickness (IMT) measurement that calculates a Vascular Age and Framingham Risk Factors. Validated for adults 40 to 70 years of age.


syngo Auto Left Heart (Auto LH): There is no need for the landmark placement because it automatically detects the LV and LA borders of both the ED and ES. The feature provides automated measurements for left ventricular volume, ejection fraction, and volume-time curve for the cardiac cycle.


Tissue Grayscale Optimization (TGO): This product is a one-button image optimization. It automatically adjusts the image brightness to the tissue type that is being displayed and equalizes the overall image gain. It also automatically adjusts both the baseline and the scale in Doppler.


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Cardiology, Vascular, Shared Service, 3D/4D, Women’s Health, General Imaging, EM & Critical Care, MSK, Anesthesia & Pain Medicine



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