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OSCAR Classic


With the 9" high-resolution image intensifier and million pixel (1K x 1K) high-definition camera, the OSCAR Classic supports clear images without distortion to provide the best diagnostic imaging environment possible.

  • ABC(Auto Brightness Control), high and low levels
  • Brightness contrast ratio of 30:1
  • Image rotation, +/- image
  • Zoom in/out
  • Image rotation of up/down and left/right


For users to receive better, more accurate diagnoses by result of edge image enhancement.


This function detects movement and reduces after-image while exposing X-ray.


Techniques to reduce noise through many X-ray image processing algorithms


To prevent over-dose radiation or low quality images caused by metal interruption on field of view.



Low dose mode is designed to acquire reasonable images to diagnose the patient with minimum dosage.


Review and store image maximum 10 seconds before last image.


Prevention of unnecessary X-ray exposure by focusing on the area of interest while automatically collimating the remaining


The virtual collimator allows for the selection of your desired field of view, while reducing the amount of radiation exposure by limiting the X-Ray beam.


X-ray for acquisition of low-dose / high-quality medical images and image chain technology considering interaction with human body, detector, image processing algorithm etc.


Dose SR enables efficient radiology workflow, improves patient care, and enhances the radiology working conditions.


Convenient touch screen and simple foot switch make for easy image acquisition.
Rewind missed images by software to prevent retakes.


OSCAR Classic is designed to be moved easily


Measurement of length and angle, input and storage of line, arrow, characters


Compact body with excellent movement and ease of operation with perfect balanced C-Arm


The 10.4-inch touch screen LCD is highly sensitive and allows you efficient operation of the system’s live image


34 inch wide monitor shows superior image by outstanding contrast, color, and resolution.

Our 5.3kW generator is one of the most powerful generators in the world.
Air cooling system prevents overheating and offers stable results and long duration of operation.
A total solution from acquisition, storage, management, and communication to print out. Provides convenient environment from user-centric interface / Diagnosis and confirmation from recognizable, simple icons / Convenience of database management
  • Convenient diagnostic environment for easy management
  • Accurate diagnostic tools
  • Improve the efficiency of your hospital management
  • Perfect compatibility with all PACS
  • A must have for a digitally equipped hospital
  • Convenient communication and management for your customers


Invert, rotation, zoom in/out, magnify glass and etc


Measurement of length/angle, and input/storage of line, arrow, characters


Storage service, wordlist service


The Genoray OSCAR Classic is one of new Genoray OSCAR C-Arm series launched with other two OSCAR series in 2018. The Genoray OSCAR Classic is an economic version with selectable 9 inch and 12 inch image intensifier (I.I). The output capacity and clinical applications are the same as the OSCAR Prime, but its orbital rotational angle is smaller at 155 degrees, compared to 180 degrees of the OSCAR Prime. Similar to the OSCAR Prime, the Genoray OSCAR Classic is designed to provide fluoroscopic and spot film images of the patient during diagnostic, surgical and interventional procedures. Examples of clinical applications may include cholangiography, endoscopy, urology, orthopedic, vascular, and critical care. The Genoray OSCAR Classic is based on the predicate device, ZEN-2090 Pro. The generator capacity of the OSCAR Classic is larger than that of the predicate system; 5.3kW. As the capacity of the generator increased, the OSCAR Classic integrated the upgraded X-ray used on the Genoray ZEN-5000, which has been in market for the last 10 years as a stable and reliable X-Ray stationary tube. The 10.4 inch touch LCD monitor with preview function enables the operator to perform a seamless operation, which makes this system very unique and differentiates itself on the price point mobile C-Arms. An operator has no need to go back and forth between a C-Arm and a work station while taking images and doing surgical procedures because the OSCAR Classic helps the operator control the system with only the C-Arm side.

The Genoray OSCAR Classic and OSCAR Prime have a very similar look, except the OSCAR Prime integrated a flat panel detector and the OSCAR Classic integrated a conventional image intensifier. The Genoray OSCAR Classic offers a 9 inch or 12 inch image intensifier, a 5.4kW stationary anode X-ray tube, an active air cooling system (Most up-to-date cooling concept, enabling to increase the tube cooling rate), a smaller focal spot, large tube capacity up to 67,500HU, faster cooling rate 44,550HU/min, and 1, 2,4, 8, 15 pulses per second available on pulsed fluoroscopic mode. Except for a flat panel detector on the OSCAR Prime, the OSCAR Classic integrated the same H/W and S/W features. One of the outstanding breakthrough technologies achieved by the OSCAR Classic is that its active air cooling system compensates lower tube output capacity of the OSCAR Classic by prolonging the time of tube heating rate compared to other affordable mobile C-Arms in the market. The Genoray OSCAR Prime is also the 2nd generation C-ARM system from Genoray, which developed with improved stability and mechanical reliability based on thousands of installations globally. Thanks to the strong IT background of Korean company, Genoray, the Genoray OSCAR Prime comes with 34″ color LED on its articulated arm, a 10.4″ full touch LCD with a preview function, and markets the largest storage capacity (up to 2 terabytes). The Genoray OSCAR Prime embedded a total image management solution, “ZENIS”, for image acquisition, storage, measurement/annotation (length, angle, and input and storage of line, arrow, characters), management (invert, rotation, zoom in/out, magnification, etc.), and communication. Particularly, DICOM 3.0 is a standard option; therefore, with the largest storage capacity, the Genoray OSCAR Prime provides a very convenient image management interface for hospitals and dedicated procedure clinics.

The Genoray OSCAR series embedded various proprietary technologies, which the old GE C-Arm systems are not able to provide, even with major upgrades. To effectively control dosage for users, the Genoray OSCAR series provide Low Dose Mode and Dose Structured Report as standard. In addition, Virtual Collimator and Auto Collimation functions help reduce the amount of radiation exposure by limiting the X-Ray beam. Auto Collimation prevents unnecessary X-ray exposure by focusing on the area of interest while automatically collimating the targeting area. Smart View of the Genoray OSCAR series enhances work efficiency by providing the function of reviewing and storing images maximum 10 seconds before the last image. The OSCAR Classic owns a flexible S/W interface so that a physician is able to set a customizable control brightness and contrast upon a physician’s preference. Moreover, the Genoray OSCAR series enhances the quality of diagnosis and ease of usefulness by providing state-of-the-art imaging technology such as Denoising, Edge Enhancement, Metal Correction, and Motion Correction.

The GE OEC C-Arm series is a mobile C-Arm market dominant for the last few decades; the GE OEC 9600 has been in the market since 1994. The last production of the GE OEC 9600 C-Arm system was in 1998. Due to extreme old aging, most key components such as the X-ray tube, CRT monitor, and battery should be changed at least once, otherwise, the system cannot be used or could be out of use in meantime. Also, if it has remained in tough clinical environments for a long period of time, the mechanical apparatus on the C-Arm’s side and components at the workstation side will most likely be damaged or out of life. In 2013, GE introduced the next generation of low capacity C-Arms (2kW); the GE OEC Brivo had a conventional image intensifier, but the high price of the new OEC Brivo (a success of the GE OEC 9600), though it provides half of the power capacity of the GE OEC 9600, sells around 100,000 US dollars. Also, the price of the old GE OEC 9600 becomes much different, depending on whom upgrades the system, either GE itself or a third party ISO (Independent Service Organizations). In addition, the price of parts and repair is very expensive and it is difficult to get parts to reduce the system’s downtime as well. Due to short production time, there are not many GE OEC 9600 available in the market. Almost 25 years of pre-owned medical equipment in tough clinical environments may have higher risks of problems on mechanical parts and lowered functionality on X-ray tubes and other generator and power supplies. Unless it’s covered by an expensive warranty through GE or ISO (Independent Service Organizations), the cost of repair will be extremely high.

Considering above situations, customers become more negative to choose an old and refurbished GE mobile C-Arms because at a similar budget investment, there is a reasonable selection of mobile C-Arms with proprietary technologies and up-to-date user interfaces. The Genoray OSCAR Classic is one of the typical and good examples in the current market. The Genoray OSCAR Classic is highly recommended with most updated image intensifier technology, which provides outstanding image quality, clinically acceptable X-ray capacity, and seamless workflow with LCD work control panel at the C-Arm side. Integrated with a larger capacity of 5.4 kW X-ray rotating tube, which has proven to be reliable for the last 20 years on ZEN-5000 and ZEN-2090, an unprecedented long X-ray anode cooling rate with the OSCAR series’ unique active cooling system makes a user highly satisfied when accurate diagnosis and further surgical and vascular procedures are required. None of the refurbished GE OEC systems can meet these standards. In addition, the OSCAR series does not charge for clinical application S/W, and also, in order to take care of users from overdose radiation without financial barriers, the OSCAR series provides, without any charge, “Low Dose Mode”, “Dose Structured Report”, “Virtual Collimator”, and “Auto Collimation”, which can help a user enhance dose management. A user of the OSCAR series can enjoy enhanced workflow with a large touch screen, preview mode, and the market’s largest 155 degree orbital rotation angle. The system is lightweight. Positioning of the system is relatively easy with smooth maneuverability and wheeling, especially, its 155° wide orbital rotation helps users have a smooth operation procedure without unlocking the wheel of the C-Arm. The OSCAR series, as one of the few most proprietary systems in the market, are built on very flexible and advanced S/W architecture, so features are highly customizable, storage is huge (up to 2 Terabytes), and a system update is very easy. Along with a large storage capacity and DICOM standard in the system, “ZENIS” a total image management system on the OSCAR series, enables image acquisition, storage, measurement/annotation (length, angle, and input and storage of line, arrow, characters), management (invert, rotations, zoom in/out, magnification, etc.), and communication.

In conclusion, the GE OEC series is still popular even though they are between 20 to 25 year-old used systems, but it is difficult to justify all functionalities, superiority, and price affordability against the Genoray OSCAR Classic. The lifetime of C-Arms are relatively long compared to other medical equipment, yet the concept is acceptable when the system of a monitor and an X-ray tube are regularly changed to keep a certain standard of image quality. Generally, refurbished OEC series are offered with a limited warranty of one year or no warranty at all. If a customer wants to purchase a C-ARM for next 5 to 10 years, the customer must consider the maintenance cost and parts scarcity within 1 to 2 years. A very limited number of people still have a CRT monitor TV or a 2G flip phone now. However, a large portion of physicians still buy pre-owned C-ARMs since an up-to-date and fully digital interface C-ARM is still too expensive. Considering this background, what if there is a brand-new CFD C-ARM with a 2 to 5 year warranty, proven durability and quality in more than 300 clinical sites in the USA, and is inexpensive compared to the refurbished GE OEC series – don’t we need to consider the brand-new, affordable CFD C-ARM as your system for next 10 years?

• Generator
– 80kHZ high frequency
– 4.5 kW power
– Up to 120kVp
– Up to 45mA for radiographic film exposure
– Continuous/Pulse high level fluoro (HLF) up to 20mA
– Digital snapshot mode up to 120kVp, 40mA
– Digital cine pulse
– 15 pulses per second, 60 Hz
– 15 pulses per second, 50 Hz
– Full power from standard wall outlet
Designed for plug and play, anywhere.

• X-RAY Tube
– Stationary anode X-ray tube
– 0.5 and 1.4 nominal focal spots
– Anode heat capacity: 67,500 HU (50kJ)
– Anode cooling rate: 44,550HU/min
– Housing heat capacity: 1,532,160 HU

• Collimator
– On-screen collimator position indication
– Auto collimation feature –> Preview on the LCD Preview Control Panel
– Virtual collimation, adjusting collimation without exposure.

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