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OPIX ACQUIDR - High Quality Flat Panel Detector - made in USA
The OPIX ACQUIDR, a retrofit digital radiography upgrade solution provides high-quality, USA-made Flat Panel Detectors with high Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE) and excellent Monocular Transfer Function (MTF). The lightweight 14”x 17” flat panel detector enables wireless communication and can be shared between table, above the table, chest stand, and on mobile cart applications. The wired 17” x 17” is our larger flat panel detector designed for general radiographic imaging.
  • Industry leading High-Quality panel (Made in USA)
  • Robust & durable design
  • Water & Dust Proof (IP51)
  • Simple and convenient installation
  • Adaptable with most existing analog X-ray systems
  • AED (Auto Exposure detection) function available
OPIX ACQUIDR – Workstation with fully featured software
The OPIX ACQUIDR features high-performance, imaging workstation and software that offers a convenient interface and easy operation for its users. Anatomical digital image processing automatically optimizes and enhances the quality of the captured images, while the automatic image storage and printing with DICOM 3.0 networking capability increases exam output and decreases examination time.
  • Brightness, contrast adjustment
  • Rotation / Horizontal and vertical flip
  • Zoom and pan / Left, right makers / Exposure index (EI)
  • Optimized work flow, Automatic shutters
  • Support DAP interface
  • Convenient user interface and easy operation
  • Anatomical view-based digital image processing automatically optimizes and enhances the quality of the captured image for the pictured anatomy.
  • Radiographic stand and automatic collimator control function
  • DICOM 3.0 networking interface including Worklist, Print, Store, Query for integration with any PACS, EMR, HIS or RIS.
  • Intuitive graphic user interface
  • Over 1300 pre-loaded exam profiles with Generator
  • Configurable automatic study
  • Multiple printing formats
OPIX ACQUIDR digital radiography upgrade