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The OPIX DIAMOND is a fully automatic digital radiography system providing state-of-the-art image quality, image processing and user interface. With a wide selection of anatomical studies on the imaging software, the OPIX DIAMOND automatically sets up the x-ray generator’s preprogrammed exposure technique settings, motorized radiographic stand positioning, x-ray collimation and post-image processing for the selected study. Specially designed to increase workflow, this fully digital U-ARM radiography system offers convenient auto-positioning and advanced image processing to achieve big performance with little effort.

General Product Information - Disclaimer

All items mentioned below including probes, accessories, options, features and similar properties are solely meant to provide general information about the maximum capability of the product. Some or all features mentioned may not be included in the listed price. Please contact us directly for accurate pricing per each additional feature.

OPIX Diamond – 5A / 6A / 8A

Digital U-Arm Radiography System

  • All-In-One / Motorized / Automatic
  • Excellent Digital imaging processing via flat panel detect
  • Removable high resolution grids
  • On-board fully featured software / Remote control/ Optimized work flow
  • Dicom 3.0 (PACS, EMR, HIS, RIS)
  • Unconditional dose management
  • Integrated Touch Screen Console
  • Ergonomic, compact design for productivity & efficiency
  • Innovative Rotary
    • +120 to +30 with SID from 100cm to 180cm
  • Automatic positioning
    • 4 motorized joints / preprogrammed data / 7 safety sensors
  • High quality air cooling tube assembly (Varian, Siemens, Toshiba)
  • High frequency X-Ray generator
  • In Stock and Local Service

Outstanding image quality

Digital radiography via flat panel detector improves your workflow, exam speed and comfort with efficiency. Digital flat panel detector with Csl screen provides excellent spatial resolution, MTF, DQE, and stability based on fine pixel pitch. A 3-field ion-chamber is provided for AEC function.

Removable high resolution Grids

  • Two Removable grids are provided : SID 100/180cm (40/70 inch)
  • System will sense the focal distance of each grid when it is inserted
  • False grid insertion will be warned by software when usable range of grid’s focal distance is not suitable with SID
  • Each removable grid are protected by aluminum frame with handle

Full Featured imaging software & Excellent Digital Image Processing

Digital radiography via flat panel detector improves your workflow, exam speed and comfort with efficiency. Digital flat panel detector with Csl screen provides excellent spatial resolution, MTF, DQE, and stability based on fine pixel pitch. A 3-field ion-chamber is provided for AEC function.

Digital Radiography Workstation
  • Provides convenient user interface and easy operation
  • Radiographic stand and automatic collimator control function
  • Anatomical view-based digital image processing
  • DICOM 3.0 networking interface features include: worklist, print, store and query for integration with any PACA and RIS

Trustworthy X-Ray Source

The core part of x-Ray source adopts high quality tube assembly (Varian, Siemens, Toshiba), motorized x-ray collimator. OPIX's high frequency x-ray generator which has worldwide reputation on excellent performance, lifetime and stability. Touch screen console provides user-friendly interface and easy technique selection. Auto collimator supports high accuracy for selections SID

  • Micro Processor controlled high frequency switching
  • Real-time monitoring self diagnosis, tube overload and anode heat unit protection
  • User programmable APR
  • Full-auto mA calibration, adaptive mA Calibration for long-term tube usage
  • Automatic Exposure Control (AEC)
  • Touch Screen Control Console

Integrated Touch Screen Console

Thanks to the integrated touch screen console located in tube side, operator can easily control the radiographic technique. Furthermore, operator can verify the digital x-Ray image on this screen.

  • The GUI of integrated touch screen console is automatically rotates corresponds to rotation angle of U-arm.

Automatic Positioning

The OPIX DIAMOND is a fully-automatic diagnostic system with four motorized joints and pre-programmed data for automatic positioning that can be easily reprogrammed by the operator. Total of Seven safety sensors are integrated into the OPIX DIAMOND system to protect patients from accidental collision. The OPIX DIAMOND U-Arm rotation ranges from +120 to +30 with SID movements from 100cm to 180cm. The mobile patient table can also be used to take patient images in a variety of positions over fifteen different positions. With effortless, fully-motorized positioning using the user-friendly touch console or remote control, the OPIX DIAMOND is truly versatile, all purpose digital system.

Motorized Radiographic Stand

  • Fully automatic Motorized movement
  • Ergonomic and convenient handling
  • Automatic move to pre-defined positions for the most frequent applications
  • Safety features protect against collision with patient and obstacles (Seven integrated sensors)
  • Supports forced air cooling for tube assembly and manual tube rotation

Mobile patient table

  • Mobile table with heavy patient load
  • Freely revolving castors with brakes
  • Max Patient weight 250Kg (550lbs)

Automatic collimation

  • Motorized collimator with dual leaf
  • Automatic x-ray field size control corresponds to varying SIDs
  • User adjustable lamp timer with On/Off switch (supports software control)

Automatic Stitching

The OPIX DR-Premium provides outstanding, automatic stitching function with a source tilting method. The Automatic Stitching package is a diagnostic and workflow enhancement orthopedic feature that enables visualization of a whole spine or long bone. This smart feature minimizes patient exam time for those who have difficulty standing for a long period time to complete radiography protocols.

OPIX Diamond – 5A / 6A / 8A

  • Outstanding image quality
  • Automatic Positioning
  • Motorized Radiographic Stand
  • Mobile Patient Table
  • Automatic Collimation
  • Automatic Stitching